I'm not good at English.
Smoe English sentences are translated by web service.

If my English is strange, I'm sorry.



Ballbusting Flash Game.


Santa girl's castration

The Santa girl wanted a tasty penis and nuts for a Christmas present.
And she is going to make it main dish in substitution for a turkey with a girlfriends by Christmas party.

Wrestling in Underground.

Boy's ball are smashed by Girl's fist.

5 minute

She likes Cock and Ball torture.She said to her slave boy,
If his ball endured denki-anma(=ball trample) for 5 minutes,he gets free.
but,not endure,she will cut off his penis.

there is none of the successful slaves....

Mistaken identity

The man is mistaken for a sex offender and takes revenge to girls.


Endless Ballbusting

This world, only the woman can use the magic.

Her younger brother takes punishment.
When his balls ruptured, she heals his balls by magic, and kicking again.

It is continued till she gets tired...

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